Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ryan Loves Hiking

Ok, and Andy & Breanna do, too :o)

Ryan, my brother was in town from Duluth, MN this week for work and hung around for the weekend to spend time with Andy and me - hooray!! We're so grateful his work brings him to Colorado, and that he's able and willing to extend the trip to partake in some of his favorite things with us: drinking wine, staying up far too late every night catching-up, and hiking. Which luckily happen to be some of our favorites, too!


The three of us turned-up the 90's on 9 satellite radio (aka the best thing to happen in a really long time) and jammed to Snoop, Pearl Jam, and No Doubt all the way through Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday, which really if that's not how you're enjoying RMNP then you're doing it wrong. We stopped off at Bear Lake to hit the trails and get even further into the mountains for a bit and try to fully take-in the beauty of it all.

"I have a feeling this picture is really awkward, but I don't know how to fix it."


Thanks for hanging with us, Ryan!


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