Monday, January 27, 2014

A Beer-Filled Weekend

Andy and I drank so much beer this weekend! Each day we had a different event planned that was focused around beer. So, yea, it was a good weekend.

Friday we met our friends, Heather & Noah, for beers. It was so great to catch-up with them! We always have so much fun chattin, and they are huge beer-lovin folks, so we are guaranteed a night of good conversation AND beer. We met them at a fairly new brewery in Denver called Epic Brewing. The brewery's original location is in Utah, so Denver is a big change for them in terms of beer laws. But they apparently wasted no time adjusting to the Denver laws; the place was packed Friday night! We started off with some 2oz samples to share before diving into full pours of beer. I loved their fruit saisons and Belgians - raspberry, sour apple, cherry - yum! There was not a bad beer to be found! And we should know; we tried almost all of them ;o)


Saturday during the day felt like a bit of a waste. I had a tough end of the week with multiple headaches, a terrible day-long allergy attack on Thursday that I couldn't shake, and all that left me a bit out of sorts on Saturday. Andy suggested a short bike ride up to the Stapleton Central Park to cheer me up before our Saturday night plans. It was such a beautiful, sunny afternoon out! The wind was strong at times, and that made me wish we had a kite to fly. Next time :o)

 This car was at a construction site on the trail we were riding on. Isn't it cool?

Saturday night we went to our friends' place for our beer tasting group. We started joining these folks recently for their monthly gathering where each person brings a bomber or two of good beer and we sit around all night tasting them. I'm so grateful they invited Andy and I to join this group - they all have great taste in beers! This month everyone also brought cheeses, and it was our friend, Roxanne's, birthday so it was an extra special night. Andy and I brought the Lost Abbey Gift of the Magi (biere de garde) paired with a semi-hard raspberry cheese, and the CBC Sgt. Pepper (saison farmhouse peppercorn beer) paired with a mustard seed Gouda. All were huge hits! I am glad Andy convinced me to get up off my butt and go!

Inappropriate birthday cake ;o)

Rogue Ales collaboration with Voodoo doughnuts: Pretzel, raspberry, and chocolate. Interesting, right?

And then Sunday, the most exciting of all, my brother came to town! He is here for work from Duluth, MN for the week. Yippee!! We brought him to Gravity Brewing for a live show our buddy Zach set-up. None of us had been to Gravity before, or heard the musician; both of which were awesome. I was drinking a delicious peppercorn Belgian (I was sold on peppercorn beers after the one we drank Saturday night!). And if you like old-time and bluegrass music, you have to check out Putnam Smith, the musician we saw. Even if that's not your style of music, check him out anyway. Seriously, so good.

Buddies :o) Don't worry, Chachi. Ryan was talking about you non-stop.  
 Don't tell Shanda we went to Chipotle. Wait. I think I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet.

Putnam Smith is a master of instruments. Here with his grandpa's banjo, and a mandolin. Not pictured are his guitar and harmonica.

 This little lady bug was having a blast!

I hope you had a weekend filled with your favorite things!


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