Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Day at the Zoo

We went to the Denver Zoo over the weekend with our friend, Zach. It was a free day, which was great for people who love saving money, but awful for people who love their personal bubble. It was packed! Everywhere you turned there were strollers and kids running around. I love that most of the cultural places in Denver offer a handful of free days during the year, and that they are so well attended, even though it may mean you sacrifice a bit of comfort with the crowds. 

This day in Denver was pretty perfect with almost 60 degree and mostly sunny weather. I made the smart decision of biking the 15 minutes to the zoo instead of driving and parking a 15 minute walk from the zoo like most others. The perfect day was less than perfect for me when I dropped my brand new camera (!!) and shattered the lens shutter (!!!!). Luckily all the pieces are accounted for and it still takes pictures. I need to have a professional reassemble it. For now I have the lens covered with my glasses cleaning cloth and a rubber band (hey - it works!). Before my mistake at the zoo, and subsequent leaving to try and fix my camera at home, I took some action shots of our animal friends.

Zach scowling at one of many kids who pushed him aside to get a view of the animals. Seriously, this place was a zoo in and out of the cages!

I love this drawing of a baby orangutan! Isn't it adorable?

This lemur was looking into my soul.

This a-hole duck was trying to attack me. It was terrifying.

This is how Zach feels about my camera falling.

The Denver Zoo has a lot of free days in the winter. Hopefully I'll be back and actually see the giraffes, seals, and elephants!



Anonymous said...

Camera - Noooooooooooo! :( But yeah, at least it still works! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! :)

Hahaha. Your photo captions are awesome!


Breanna Hanson said...

Count my blessings, right? Now I just need to keep repeating "Don't scratch the lens, don't scratch the lens, don't scratch the lens".

Becky said...

aw! sorry about your camera! hope you can get it fixed soon!