Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Home Office Makeover

I started a new job last month. Did you know that? Well, I did. I am now an Admissions Representative for Johnson & Wales University (JWU)! What that means, basically, is I recruit high school students to start their freshman year at JWU. As a Rep, I am out in my territory (Northern and Western Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho) 70% of the time presenting in classrooms, working with Guidance Offices, and at college fairs. I don't have much office time since being visible in my territory is #1. So my office time is in my home office.

"What home office, Breanna?", you're asking. Those of you who have visited Andy & me know that our humble home isn't begging for more things to be brought in bulk, but that is exactly what happened! Boxes upon boxes of JWU pamphlets and brochures, computer supplies, pens, rubber bands - you get the idea - were now mine. So where to put them? Andy and I agreed that my office would share a space with our guest room. 

In true Breanna fashion, when faced with a big task I...avoided it. For the first month I set-up shop anywhere I found space - dining room table, side table in the living room, Andy's home office (yup, he works from home, too!). I was overwhelmed and just ignored that I needed to transform our guest room into a home office/guest room. After a baby-meltdown last week, Andy encouraged me to take time to get my space set-up NOW, please. He knows me well enough to know that when my things and my space aren't in order, my mind isn't in order. I took his advice, and check out the change!

Uh, you're telling me all these things need a neat and tidy home? Yea...I'll work on that later.

The bed can double as a filing cabinet, yea?

Yup. That's a 'Titanic' poster right there. That's gonna need to stay.

I found this in the attic.


Look! A floor!

My workday tunes.

I gave the attic filing cabinet a makeover to brighten the space. I used spray adhesive to glue fabric to the drawers, spray-painted the handles, and removed the label holders. What do you think?

I turned my vanity into a desk. It works so well and I love how it looks!

 Office with a view: I knew I wanted to be next to a window. (The wine glass is holding cashews and walnuts, not wine, people! Jeez, I haven't even finished my morning coffee.)

My little assistant :o)

Working away! Health educator on an exercise ball - what a cliche, I know!

I love my new space! I spent $0 to update it (I already had everything I needed!) and I feel so much more comfortable and focused now. Plus, for those of you planning to visit (hint hint), the room still functions as a private guest room when we have company.

I'll post a full home photo tour in the next couple weeks - so stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Yay for crafting! Office/Ella's/guest room looks great!

BTW, how long of a drive is it from Madison to Denver?


Breanna Hanson said...

It's about 16 hours, Randy. You could do it in a day, but I recommend having a driving partner to switch shifts. Road trips, so fun.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Thanks, Breanna. Yeah, I wouldn't road trip by myself. Probably minimum of 2, maximum of 4 (if you have the room). I'll send you an email once I think of more details. :)


Michelle Lindholm said...

good job! i must say that i'm shocked at all the clutter that room has when i'm not visiting! hhahaa

Breanna Hanson said...

Haha - see how much work I do before you come visit, Michelle??