Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Photos [1.17.14]

Here are some photos from Andy and my week:

Friday night cribbage and drinks with my sweetie. These nights are some of my favorites. 

Ella was supposed to be helping me win cribbage. 
Don't worry mom - I didn't fall in!

 Andy and I spent Sunday morning in his home office watching videos on YouTube for hours. This video parody was our favorite! (I love the reaction at 1:20 minutes on the video!)

Tough questions in the neighborhood.

A slightly snowy day in Denver on Tuesday.

Office filing cabinet before...
...and after.

Craft day.

This was my workday on Thursday. (More to come!)

You won't believe the work it took to make this apple and ice cream dessert Thursday night!



Becky said...

The filing cabinet is beautiful Bree!!!!

Breanna Hanson said...

Thanks, Becky! The new look brightened up my office (aka your guest room :) ) so much.