Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Photos [1.31.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

 Ella hates the bath she gets before our overnight guests arrive! We are extra mean and make her shake off in the bathroom three times before she can leave. Terrible humans.

 Reading our 'Hunger Games' books Sunday afternoon.

 My bro, Ryan, waiting so patiently to order a beer Sunday night.

 Andy's modeling a Duluth Pack bag Ryan brought to town. What do you think? Is it a good look for him? 

Ryan cooked us a delicious stir fry and salmon Wednesday night! Mmm-mm!

We went out to a nice dinner Thursday night, Ryan's last night in town. Stilted Pig wine - what a cute bottle!

 The weather was totally unpredictable! It was in the 50's and sunny Thursday during the day, and then snowy all night. Andy captured the falling flakes on camera.

 For work on Friday I helped judge a Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) tournament. It was neat to see the high school students dressed up and excited/nervous for their competition! I just loved this trio of boys in their suits.
We're going to a concert with some friends tonight, and Sunday we're having some friends over to cheer on the BRONCOS in the Super Bowl! I'm still a Packers fan (I hope my uncles in Minnesota aren't reading this ;o) ) but I'll stand behind a Broncos win in 2014! Have a warm weekend!



Michelle Lindholm said...

Have fun on Sunday! We are going to Jackie and Mark's...wish you guys were here! Jackie already said she's going to be a bad host since the Bronco's are playing. What do I care...this will be my first time drinking since NYE...I probably won't remember. I should probably try to video chat you at some point :) Love you guys!!

Breanna Hanson said...

Aw - that sounds like an awesome Sunday! I'd love a random drunk video chat from you. Enjoy your drinks, lady. xoxo.