Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Photos [1.10.14]

Here are some moments from Andy and my week:

Off work for the week (last week) and enjoying a home-cooked lunch and beer.

 Andy & I went to the Denver Zoo Lights last Friday. We snuck in some boozy hot chocolate (shhhh ;) ).

Enjoying a lazy night in bed with Andy, Ella, a glass of wine, and Dexter on Netflix.

A Sunday morning frittata. 

Ella would greatly appreciate it if I would please drop some food while cooking.

 We enjoyed a special bottle of wine during Monday dinner, a Thanksgiving gift from our dear friend Christine.

Playing Farkle at Oblio's (our favorite restaurant in Denver) on Wednesday. I won :o)

A Thursday afternoon family walk. I love the days I work from home and have lunchtime walks with Andy and Ella.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



eyelashwishes said...

The fritatta looks stupendous! Of course i would notice the food!

Breanna Hanson said...

Thanks, Bree! I love making frittats :o) Do you ever make them?

Michelle Lindholm said...

Was it a garlic fritatta? yummmm

Breanna Hanson said...

Haha - you know it, Michelle! Veggies, cheese, and extra garlic. I bet you wish you were here ;)