Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Working Weekend, with a bit of fun too

Did you have a good weekend? Were you ready for Monday to roll around? I worked Saturday and Sunday (I know, boo!) so I feel a bit like I was cheated out of a weekend! Andy and I still took advantage of the non-work time I had free to enjoy each one another's company, and enjoy our city.

We had tickets Friday for a performance by Wonderbound, a dance company based out of Denver. The Friday performance was the first of their "Gone West" performances that included live music by one of Andy and my favorite bands, Ian Cooke band (maybe you remember that we saw him perform a few weeks ago at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science), and poetry by Michael J. Henry. It was such a phenomenal combination of artistic mediums, and featured such talented individuals. Andy and I were both blown away by the show! I couldn't take photos during the show, but here's a peak at one of the rehearsals, and some of the photos I snapped in the intermission:

The band played right next to the dancers. What a great set-up!

Andy and I went to the store afterwards to pick-up some snacks for the evening, and some chips "for when my family's in town". Yea, I ate all the potato chips already.

Following my Saturday morning working on campus, I took a long and awesome nap. Super exciting day, I know. Andy and I made up for it in the evening by going to Oblio's (the pizza place a few blocks from our place) for beers, pizza, and the Final Four. Our friends Lauren, Amy, Jan, and Jan's son Aidan joined us, showing varying levels of interest for the game. We were cheering, and drinking, for Wisco, and I think we all know how that turned out. But we had good company and Cards Against Humanity, so that helped :o)

Amy and Andy, aka the only ones who actually cared about watching the game.

I had a college fair with my Johnson & Wales colleague Sunday afternoon. The fair was packed! I haven't been to a college fair like that before! There were over 150 universities there to speak with students and their families, and there were SO many families there! I got stuck in traffic for 20 minutes just trying to get into a parking ramp. It was great to have so many high school students there able to talk with university reps like myself about what they want to do after graduating high school. Yea, I would have preferred to not work all weekend, it is really energizing to have great conversations with families and try to help them with this huge decision they're making.

"Hi! Do you have any questions about Johnson & Wales I can answer?"

My mom, dad, and sis are coming to Denver this week Thursday and I am so excited to see them! I can tell this week will just drag on as I'm waiting for their plane to arrive Thursday night :o)

Have a great week!


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