Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Annoying Dog

Our dog, Ella, is a dream pet, especially for first-time dog owners. She's super mellow around the house laying in her bed all day, can be at home alone more than 12 hours without a problem, and stays sleeping as long as we do (even until 11:00am on the weekends!).

But as soon as she gets her leash on, she goes BONKERS!! Our friends, Shelly and Kevin aka Ella's BFFs, have been watching her for us since Thursday while we're in the mountains. They've commented to us that it's like two different dogs with Ella: Ella in the house and Ella on a walk. And it's totally true! 

We have a hard time getting people who've never walked Ella to believe this phenomenon, so we took this video of her a week ago. You'll need to have your sound up to get the full experience.

So, who wants to walk Ella for us while we're on vacation this summer??


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