Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Photos [4.25.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Reading outside the high school between presentations on Tuesday in Granby, CO.

Lake Granby in Granby, CO. While it was close to 60 degrees outside, the lake was still mostly ice.

Jose James performing at Dazzle Jazz in Denver Wednesday night.

I loved how the guitarist seemed enthralled by the drummer's solo.
We tried to be a little fancy for the show Wednesday :o)

Whoever owns this wins.

Enjoying some wine at the Plum Creek Winery in Palisade, CO.

So we accidentally bought a lot of meade at the meadery in the Palisades! Oops.

Senior countdown at Central High School in Grand Junction - only seven days left!

Taken just minutes ago as we're working at CafeSol downtown GJ.

We are west of the mountains right now in Grand Junction, CO on the western slope. I had work meetings the end of the week out here, and have a conference in Vail starting on Sunday, so Andy came along for the fun. We're spending the next couple days in Glenwood Springs on a mini working vacation before heading over to Vail til Tuesday. Yea, the views from my "office" are rough ;)



Anonymous said...

Hey! Is that a large print book you're reading??


Breanna Hanson said...

It kinda looks like it, doesn't it? No, it's a young adult book.

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay. Speaking of which... maybe it's time to start reading The Alchemist again :)