Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Photos [4.11.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Monday afternoon work outfit. I went to an etiquette dinner - fun!

My parents and sis are in town this weekend! I had some work to do to get mom and dad's room tidied up for them.

 I had a Tuesday patio lunch with my friend and former Regis colleague, Gerard. (Note: this is not a photo of Gerard.)

We saw Okkervil River perform at the Bluebird in Denver Tuesday night - they are so great live.

More Okkervil!

At a high school in Greeley Wednesday afternoon.


Andy and I went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary Thursday afternoon to see all the carnivorous animals they've rescued from horrible situations (like a wild cat living in an NYC apartment - what?!?).

 Andy with the black bear.

Ella was so super pumped (read: loud and erratic) to see all the people and bikes out on a nice spring afternoon that Andy had to carry her for part of the walk to get her to calm down!

My mom, dad, and sister are here for the weekend (yay!!) so we have a fun weekend planned to the minute :o) I love having them in town and showing them around!

Have a great weekend!


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