Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Painful Weekend

I didn't take a lot of photos this weekend, guys. The main reason is because I fractured or sprained (they weren't totally sure at the Urgent Care, so for the sake of getting more pity, I'm going with the former) my wrist over the weekend. Don't worry - I'm ok. Just super pathetic-looking. But more on that later.

Friday...well, Friday wasn't an awesome day. The reality of both Andy and me being home ALL DAY together this summer as I'm not traveling for work really set-in and we were getting on each other's nerves a bit. To try and cool the tension, I took off for an afternoon movie (yay for Friday summer hours at work!) and we just kicked back in the evening when I got back, basically trying to not piss each other off any more than we already were. We walked to the liquor store, where they were hosting one of our favorite breweries for a tasting. And then rented "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (awesome movie with an even more awesome soundtrack!) and cooked up some nachos for dinner. It was the perfect kind of low-key lazy night together that we needed after a week of constant hanging out!

Saturday I was ready to get out and be social! We met our friends Lauren and Amy at a restaurant near Amy's apartment. This place has some of the best fries in town and you know how I feel about fries! So big news in Breanna's world: I got a new cell phone! Those of you who know me know that I've been rocking Old Flippie since 2008. Well, I put on my big girl pants this week and ordered me a smart phone! I don't love it as much as my friends have led me to believe I would, but I'm a nostalgic gal and really feel sad that after almost six years together, I ditched my trusted old partner. But I do love a lot about my new phone. Lauren and Amy were especially thrilled for me after ridiculing me for the last year. Lauren and I spent much of our fries & beer time together sending inappropriate texts and Snapchats to friends from college, which only increased my love for my new phone (and Lauren)!

RIP, my friend.

How quickly their moods change!

You all should send me your snapchat ID.


So then I crashed my bike. Andy and I were biking through City Park in Denver, and since there's been a lot of construction in the park over the last year or so, I decided to take a new route that I thought was done being constructed. Scenic and adventurous, right? So here's another thing that's important to know: My bike frame is too big for me. Not sure how I ended up buying a bike not the proper size for me, but I did, and when I stop at a stop sign or something, my feet don't quite reach the ground. Dangerous and problematic, I know. Anyway, I come up on my new route through City Park only to discover last minute that the road I'm about to cruise down is not done being constructed, so I slam on the brakes and try to put my feet down to help stop, but I think we can all imagine how and why that plan didn't work out. Plan B was to use my right hand to stop my body from falling to the pavement. And there we go with the fractured wrist. Sigh.

Sunday morning I wake up hoping that it was just a little bruise. Nope. It's not swollen at all though, so I take it as a good sign and Andy and I go get me a brace at Target to stabilize my wrist. Sunday was our friend, Shelly's, birthday and since her husband is out of town for most of the summer, we decided to take her out for her birthday. It was an awesome day hanging out, having fun, and celebrating our friend with brunch, beers, and pizza! She seemed to have a really nice day. And I managed to make it through the day without too much pain, though the mimosas and beers probably played a part in that.

My lovely brace for the day. It's since been upgraded.

Writing with your non-dominant hand is hard.

I hope you enjoyed this post cuz it was weird and difficult to write it with a splint on my right hand! I hope you had a boring and uneventful weekend without any breaks or bruises!


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