Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Photos [6.6.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

When naughty Ellas roll in poop, they have to have baths. And she looks at me like it's allll MY fault!

Morning coffee in my new mug from Erin & Dylan.

Ella enjoys running from shaded area to shaded area on hot days at the dog park. She's been know to take shelter in a big dog's shadow, too.

Tom Brosseau opening up for The Milk Carton Kids on Tuesday. It was SO quiet at the venue we could barely hear him! But what we did hear, we loved.

The Milk Carton Kids! We've seen them open for The Punch Brothers and for Josh Ritter, and it was wonderful to see them headlining this time.

Morning french press and emails.

So the rock bed in the front yard is in need of some weeding...

Ella was afraid of the thunder Thursday afternoon.

Ladies night Thursday night. Wine, cheese, and ice cream at Roxanne's :o)

A better one of the ladies, minus Christine.

I think I did right on my word to Andy to keep it low-key this week! Now this weekend, well that will be another story ;o)

Have a great weekend!


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