Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Know Me...Busy, Busy!

My friend Shelly got me these post-it notes for my birthday:

you know me... busy, busy!

It was kind of a joke since my work is so much quieter in the summer months as I'm not driving to and from high schools all day everyday. But they are true for how I structure my personal life! Take, for example, this past weekend. Despite having barely a moment to ourselves over the past week and a half, and maybe despite Andy requesting some down time, I had so many plans for us. We both agreed it was an awesome and fulfilling weekend, and in trade, Andy is taking a lot of evenings this week to play his video game :o)

Friday night Andy and I went out to dinner at a Mexican place in Stapleton that we'd never been to before. It was so delicious AND filling! Why must they serve you chips and salsa while you wait for your food? There's just no more room for food once dinner comes! Of course we were able to find room for some beers following dinner as we walked the block to a new craft beer bar, Stapleton Tap House, for some samplers and games. Maybe I was a bit exhausted after everything since I crashed immediately when we got home and didn't stir until the morning!

Playing a ridiculous would-you-rather game at the Tap House.

Saturday we went hiking with our friend Shelly (yes, the post-it gift giver) in Boulder. She'd never been on Andy and my favorite hike, which is our #1 since it's not too difficult while still giving a great workout, and beautiful Rocky Mountain views. We headed into downtown Boulder following our afternoon hike for beers and fries, my fav, at Mountain Sun Brewery. Shelly came over that evening and the three of us tried making homemade sushi with the kit Jenny had given me for my birthday, and the rice cooker Andy gave me for my birthday. It went, surprisingly to all of us, really well! We aren't too shabby at this whole homemade sushi roll thing.

Shelly's Kingdom.

Peek-a-boo Andy!
I'm still not sure why we did this pose. 

Our sushi making station.

Shelly reading Andy the instructions to make sure we don't mess this thing up.

Surprisingly, Andy and Shelly were really carrying their weight with the whole enthusiasm part of the night.

Still with the enthusiasm.

Sunday was the last day of the annual chalk art festival in Denver. Three blocks in downtown are blocked off and chalk artists come in and have an area of the street that they made their creations. There are some super talented artists out there, folks! I got some neat photos of some artworks that look like they're jumping out of the street at your camera! We went with our friends Heather and Noah, both of whom have degrees in art education and it was neat to see their reactions at seeing the festival for the first time. The four of us left the crowded festival after seeing as many pieces of art as we possible could and went to grab some beers and food. We ended up, as we often do, at the arcade bar, the 1-Up, in downtown Denver. We always have a great time with Heather and Noah.

Waiting for the bus.

Jam packed! It was hard to see some of the artwork up close, even when peering through shoulders.

This one was one of my favorites.

Ever since Jenny's bachelorette party I think I might have an unhealthy love for four person Pac-Man! Unfortunately, my skill level doesn't seem to be improving.

I hope you all had a relaxing and fulfilling weekend!


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