Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Birthday and A Wedding

Last weekend, last weekend was a good one. I've mentioned a bit that Andy and I had a busy and exciting Memorial Day weekend, but despite the wonderful weekend, I am remiss to say I took hardly any photos! So hopefully my words can create some mental photos for you of the celebratory weekend.

I celebrated my 30th birthday on Friday 5/23 and was so lucky to have two dear friends, Erin and Dylan, in town from New York to celebrate. With the hecticness of friends coming to town and heading to the mountains for the wedding, it kinda didn't really even feel like my birthday (or maybe that's just what happens with each passing birthday?). Don't get me wrong, friends and family were so wonderful and thoughtful making me feel special and loved as I entered my 30's, and I certainly had a lovely day. 

Following a lazy day at home (ok, I was working, so not too lazy...) Erin and I headed into the city to wander some shops aimlessly and find the most ridiculous dresses we could wear to Jen's wedding ("wouldn't this flowing, white dress be just perfect?!" ;o) ). Later, we went for beers with Andy and Dylan to one of my favorite places in town, Vine Street Pub & Brewery. The GM even took us on our own personal brewery tour! As were paying the tab, the bartender asked "Do you want another beer, on the house?". Uhm, YEA! Unfortunately we were short on time, so mean birthday-ruiner Andy had to reign me back in. But, I couldn't be mad cuz he had planned a wonderful birthday dinner celebration at an upscale restaurant in town, Beatrice and Woodsley. Andy and I went there for a Christmas dinner two years ago and just loved the delicious food and drinks, and the whimsical atmosphere. We went with Erin and Dylan, and three of my closest Denver friends: Shelly, Christine, and Lindsay. Everyone we were with and the servers made my feel like the most special birthday gal, including delicious Port wine dessert drinks for us all! It was exactly the birthday celebration I wanted, including a post-dinner late night trip to the Bar Car for one more drink, despite fluttering eye lids.

"Can't I pour all the wine in my glass?", Erin asks as they hand her the rest of her wine in a carafe.

Come Saturday, it was wedding time. We had friends, Kara and Jen, flying in from Wisconsin and staying with us before heading to Estes Park the next morning. Saturday was such a fun time as us gals sat around with bottle after bottle of wine like old friends catching-up, and Andy and Dylan tried out their new tobacco pipes outside. I couldn't have asked for a more fun night with friends (except for Friday :o) )! Us gals and Dylan were all involved in Jenny's wedding in some way, so we headed up to Estes for the rehearsal and the rehearsal brunch, held at the beautiful Stanley Hotel. Jenny and Mike hosted an afternoon/evening picnic to welcome any wedding guests to Estes, so we all enjoyed the great food and company despite the deafening HAIL!

Me and the bride. Thank goodness for rain shelter.
We had a group of college friends sharing a couple condos in the same resort in Estes, and we had such a blast hanging around, catching-up, busting out some dance moves, and playing Cards Against Humanity. I wish I would have taken more any photos to share, but I guess we were having too much fun to remember to snap photos! The wedding itself was beautiful and so special to J&M and their relationship. Though there was hail the night before, and the weather was threatening rain much of the afternoon, the outdoor wedding ceremony was able to continue on without a single drop (phew!). Thank goodness for that, cuz look at the beautiful setting and backdrop the outdoors provided! And the reception was just so much fun with drinks, dancing, and a photo booth!

I mean, come on, look at that!

The master cupcake-maker and cake decorator, Michelle.

Seriously, why do I have so few pictures?? Once I figure out how to get the photo booth photo strips on the computer, I'll share some extra gems from the reception. 

Awesome friends, awesome weekend :o)


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