Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Photos [6.27.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Jen and her cute little pup Quincy on Monday. It's love. Here's a pic of me and her other dog, Rosie.

My new MN home shirt from Jen. Isn't it perfect?

My home office for the week. Nice nature views here!

At happy hour with my lovely ma and pa on Tuesday.

I hung out with my friend Ash and her baby on Wednesday, as well as her dog Keith. Here he is demonstrating his favorite sitting spot.

Out canoeing with mom and dad Wednesday. Mom taking the lead as the powerhouse.

Hello Minneapolis skyline :o) I've missed you.

Canoeing with a bag over my cast like the cool kids.

Having some beers with my folks at Fulton Thursday night!

Andy's here! My Dangerous Man at Dangerous Man Brewing.

I've been back in Minneapolis for the week, as you can see. And it's been great! I sure do miss this town. Here's one more photo for you. My folks and me :o) I've missed them (way more than I've missed the skyline). 


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