Sunday, January 15, 2017

Last Weekend: Beers and Toys

We jumped right into 2017 with a full weekend because, why not?

Friday we had our friends Katie and Jon over for games and beers, and...I didn't take any pictures. But, we had a blast! Trust me.

On Saturday our friends Sarah and Terrence hosted The Chester Beer Fester, a beer festival/bottle share where everyone brought a favorite beer or two to share with the group. And participants voted on their favorite beer, and the beer they could drink all day. They set-up their place like a beer fest - with ice buckets for the beer, chalkboard signs to write beer descriptions, tasting sheets to take notes, and more!

A cheers to kick off the fest!

Sarah and Terrence's four month old puppy was the hit of the party!


The winners: beer you could drink all day (Prairie Phantasmagoria); overall best beer (Fremont barrel-aged Dark Star)

Tucker and Miles were a couple of party animals.

Sunday I went to the Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys and it's pretty much exactly what you're thinking: a museum full of miniature things, dolls, and toys. You really have to see the pictures to understand...

I wouldn't dare say no to anything these two requested! They mean business.

This huge doll house was empty, other than this moving day scene of pizza, beer, and boxes.

I was not amused to find some of my childhood toys in a museum.


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