Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Last Weekend: Katie's Naessens in Town, Women's March

Last weekend my dear friend from college, Katie, was in town from Washington DC! She flew in to flee the madness of the inauguration, and to spend the weekend with Andy and me and a few other friends of hers (who, conveniently, are some of Andy my closest friends in Denver).

Katie and I visited and toured the Molly Brown House on Friday afternoon. It's a historic home in the Cap Hill neighborhood (two blocks from the capitol) built in the early 1900's. At one point, it was lived in by Margaret Brown, who is the famous "Unsinkable Molly Brown" from the Titanic, though I was in awe on the tour as I was learning of all she did in her life other than riding on the Titanic!

Not at the Molly Brown House! This is at a brewery watching our friend Jon Ham play some tunes.

On Saturday, Andy and I went to the Women's March in Denver with Katie, Shelly, Heather, Noah, Noah's mom and dad, and Katy. In Denver, the march started in Civic Center Park right by the capitol, and the route went through the downtown. They estimate 100,000+ people showed up in Denver to march, and it sure as hell felt like it! So many beautiful nasty women and bad hombres <3

We're stronger together. If anyone was still wondering the purpose of the march, there's one reason right there. We're stronger together.


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