Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Last Weekend: Pizza, Friends & Dogs, Football

As the new year rolled in almost two weeks ago, along with it came personal reflection and some goal setting (a way of saying resolution without saying resolution). One of the reflections I continue to return to as I'm mapping out what I want to accomplish over the next weeks is the fact that we get 52 weekends every year. Just 52. They take a whole year to get through, but when I think of the actual number of weekends I have to enjoy and all I want to do, it doesn't seem like a whole lot. As part of my 2017 reflection, I'm committing myself to being more mindful of my time, who I spend it with, how I spend it. And weekends are a precious two and a half days of time. I want to protect that time, and fully enjoy it, so when Monday morning hits - I'm ready to jump back into the work week.

This weekend Andy and I laid low on Friday night, making pizzas from scratch (well, ok so the pizza dough we bought in a box, BUT we had to mix stuff together and even let the dough rise, so, basically from scratch) and watched "The Secret Life of Pets".

See. Andy's mixing stuff for the dough.


On Saturday I met my friend Allison for some yoga at the Corepower studio in my neighborhood. Afterwards, Andy and I went to our friends' new dog park bar called Romero's K9 Club & Tap House to hang out with Shelly, Kevin, Sarah, Terrence, and all our dogs. It was quite the crew!

Trying to wrangle the dogs for a group photo...

...but they weren't into it...

...and instructions were unclear to Ella.

Maria, one of the fabulous owners. Please take a close look at how my dog is sitting.

Family photo.

Sunday was Packer game day! I love the energy and excitement of the playoffs, and especially when my team is in it and they WIN! We met Sarah at a local craft beer bar to watch the game, and found some super enthusiastic (drunk) Packer fans to cheer and high five.

But first! Andy and I cooked breakfast together - a veggie frittata and potatoes (not pictured).

Andy smothered his breakfast in ketchup (Mom - just like Meg!)

There was plenty of down time over the weekend, too, for me to write these blog posts, take a bath, play cards with Andy, do some housework, and go to bed early! A beautiful, balanced weekend and one that makes me proud to reflect back and say this is how I spent one of my 52 weekends this year.


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