Monday, February 17, 2014

A Lazy Weekend Drives Breanna Bonkers

Well, I got my wish for a lazy weekend. And once I got it, I didn't want it anymore! I am such a busy body. I should have known I'd be out of my mind bored mid-Saturday! Oh well, Andy says it's good for me.

Friday night Andy and I walked to our liquor store, Grape Expectations, for a beer tasting and to pick-up some more beers for the house. We planned a quiet night in since I had been gone for the whole week. We made some appetizers (ok, ok, just cheese and crackers, and homemade fries!) and started our 1,000 piece puzzle. Wow, do you remember puzzles being hard?? I don't! We didn't get very far, despite working on it for a while! It's an ongoing process on our dining room table.

Happy Valentine's Day at Grape! I think Andy and Travis are beckoning me back to pay...

Ella's new trick. She's not quite sure why we make her do this, but would greatly appreciate it if we would stop.

Our delicious growler from Crazy Mountain Brewery that I picked up when I was driving home from the mountains.

Ella looking desperately at Andy, hoping he will pity her and throw a fry or two her way (he did).

Why the heck is this so hard?!?

We give up. This is going to take a while.

Saturday Andy woke-up sick as can be! He barely pulled himself out of bed at 4:00 to collapse on the couch for the remainder of the day. I spent the whole day reading and finished the third and final "Hunger Games" book (so good!). Ella and I went to the dog park for a while which always consists of her ignoring all the other dogs and not leaving my side. Though she really does enjoy barking loudly and uncontrollably while she's on her leash walking to the dog park, which isn't at all embarrassing. 

Poor Andy! Ella was his little buddy all day.

On Sunday Andy was feeling a bit better, but not fully like himself. We were able to go for a walk, and he actually sat upright all day playing his video game. Progress - hooray! I spent much of the day reading before heading to an afternoon yoga class. This class is one that uses weights along with the yoga poses, and man! was it a workout! I loved it and am excited to go a week, once my muscles stop screaming.

I know it's a blizzard back in the Midwest right now, but I just have to tell you guys that it's in the 60's out here.

Ella loves sitting in the sun inside our door, watching me read. 

We have a busy week planned with a movie date together and few hangouts with friends, so that'll keep me happy :o)

How was your weekend?


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