Monday, February 10, 2014

Live Shows & Beers

What else could I want out of a weekend?

Friday night Andy, our friend Zach, and I went to see Caroline Smith perform at the hi dive music venue in Denver. She is a rockin musician out of Minneapolis whose music Andy and I have enjoyed for years. Her sound has evolved so much over the last few years and I love what she's doing with her soulful, bluesy sound! I was oh-so tired by the time she took the stage at 11:30, but man I snapped awake with the first notes!

The merch stand at Caroline Smith's show (she's the gal in the plaid in the background).

Caroline Smith owning the stage Friday night.

Saturday afternoon I had an hour long massage. It was exactly what I needed to counter all the desk work I do! The massage therapist advised me to take it easy for the night and drink lots of water; I didn't have the heart to tell her I was heading to a brewery next! After the massage, I walked the mile or so to Pints Pub to meet Andy and our friends Heather and Noah and some of their friends. Andy received a gift certificate to the place from a colleague for Christmas (how thoughtful, right?) and we were both excited to try the place out. The afternoon turned into a night of yummy beers with Heather & Noah as we continued through LoDo to 1UP (video arcade game bar) and Falling Rock (craft beer bar).

 Drinking my stout at Pints. Andy kept saying "action shot! action shot!" looking at this photo.

Yup, it's a gift certificate. That wasn't a typo.

 They named this road Broncos Blvd for the Super Bowl. Still have the Broncos pride!

1UP! Beer taps are in an arcade game - how neat is that?

Heather at 1UP was totally meant to be - check out that shirt!

 Look at the tap line-up at Falling Rock! Isn't it lovely?

Another action shot!

Noah was mesmerized at how much Andy's shirt looked like Freddy Krueger's. 

I had three offers at the bar to help me carry my beers downstairs. Nah, I got this. Nanna-do.

Sunday was far less exciting than the rest of the weekend. I spent much of the day preparing for my trip to the mountains this week. I'll be in Glenwood Springs, a 165 mile drive through the mountains, all week so I was packing clothes and work supplies, making snacks to have for the ride, doing laundry, preparing my notes for student meetings, etc. Andy enjoyed having the down time (I'm always on the go and dragging him along!) to watch some mindless movies and relax on the couch with Ella.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, too!



Anonymous said...

1UP! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! If I visit you and Andy this summer, 1UP and Giant Jenga, please?? :D

Anyway, looks and sounds like you had a great weekend! I always dig (dug) the posts and photos :)


Michelle Lindholm said...

Oh my garsh. You're beer carrying skills are amazing! That's a scary carry!

Breanna Hanson said...

Yes, Randy! We have giant Jenga at our house now, too, so we don't even need to go anywhere. But, yes, we will certainly go to 1UP!

Michelle, a little beer confidence still goes a long way ;) I even mastered a flight of stairs carrying those!