Monday, February 24, 2014

Beers, Beers, and Beers

Friday I got together with some of my former Regis colleagues for some beers over by the campus. Gosh, I miss these ladies! It's such a cliche, but the people is what's made it the hardest to leave that job. I worked with Jamie, Shelly, and Ashley in Admissions at Regis, and then Ashley and I left Admissions to form our own Compliance Office at Regis. My workday is so much less awesome without these folks.

The waitress was less than awesome about bringing beers when asked.

Saturday morning I did exactly what I said I'd do: read and yoga. Perfect peaceful morning :o) That afternoon Andy and I biked to City Park to watch our friends, Ashley and Cassidee, do the Polar Plunge. What an event! It was jammed-packed! Andy and I wandered around looking for our friends who were dressed as ninjas and apparently did a good job because we just could not find them! After a while we ran into them by the dressing area and had just missed their plunge! The four of us spent the rest of the afternoon at the park hanging out having a good time. Ashley, being the social gal she is, snagged us a bunch of free beer from the vendors! I guess her line "I'm here to see if I can have some beer and not pay for it" worked! What a charmer.

Inflatable soccer field for the kiddos. Our soccer team, CO Rapids, are so supportive of Special Olympics.


Ashley and some of her free beers!

This little guy was stealing hearts! Until he started eating all the goose poop in the park.

Saturday night we had a double-date with our friends Lauren and Amy. This was our second attempt at a Groupon double-date (the first one, a murder mystery dinner in the conference room of an Embassy Suites, was a bust) and we totally nailed it. We went to the place called Upstairs Circus where you make a craft, drink beers, and hangout. It was totally casual, go at your own pace, and we made awesome and useful items.


The final products! Amy with her coozie, me with my flask, and Andy and Lauren with their six-pack holders. (Photo stolen from Lauren's Instagram.)

Sunday I took a brew bus from Denver up to Boulder and Longmont. The bus picks you up downtown Denver and brings you to four breweries: Two in Boulder (Avery and Fate) and two in Longmont (Oskar Blues and Left Hand). It's so nice to be shuttled from place to place and not worry about anything other than making it back to the bus in time! Breweries plus friends certainly makes for a great Sunday afternoon!

I hope you're feeling refreshed and recharged from your weekend!


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