Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Photos [2.7.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Saturday morning.

Making sour mix is hard work!

 This gluten-free bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwich bread - mmm!!

We treated ourselves to one of our New Glarus bombers.

New Glarus suggested serving it in a Champagne flute. I felt so fancy.

I was at a high school appointment earlier in the week during our snowy days. I loved their bulldog mascot!

I got to my Wednesday morning appointment at a high school up north an hour early (!!!!) so I stopped off at Starbucks to kill some time.

At my office desk. My little assistant was laying so sweetly on the futon behind me and I caught her reflection in the mirror.

I actually had a pretty eventful week, contrary to the photo evidence! I guess I just didn't take pictures. I went out for Monday happy hour and Andy & I had a friend over to dinner Thursday night, among other things. I'll step-up my photo taking for you all next week. I'm in the mountains all next week for work, and they're rather photogenic ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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