Monday, March 24, 2014

A Good Weekend for Movies

The weekend already seems like it was days ago! Funny how time works sometimes. Please don't let that mean this week will drag on and on...

After a late (and fun!) night Thursday, both Andy and I were more than happy stream "Gravity" on Amazon and plant ourselves on the couch all Friday night. Have you seen "Gravity"? What did you think of it? I'm still formulating my opinion on it, other than feelings of pure terror for Sandra Bullock's character's situation! Eek!

I finally made the falafel recipe I mentioned a few weeks ago, and it was totally worth the wait - delicious! Like with gnocchi, I was so disappointed to find out falafel typically has gluten in it! So I was thrilled to find a recipe that works to make the falafel sans gluten.

Frying up the falafel.

We woke to a cold and dreary Saturday morning that turned to a snowy Saturday afternoon. Remember that welcome to spring last week? Yea, not so much. Andy loves knowing the weather forecast (like, really loves it), so we anticipated less than desirable Saturday weather and planned to see "The Lego Movie" matinee. It was such a cute, fun movie! And great for anyone who's played with Legos. Sidenote: Is anyone else surprised to find out the actors who do the voices for animated movies? I didn't care about that as a kid, but now I find it fascinating! Andy's great at placing the voices whereas I have no clue.

That afternoon we bought Ella her birthday gift: A remote controlled mouse, which she promptly destroyed in 30 seconds. She kept trying to eat it! Andy and I each pried it out of her mouth multiple times before the thing just stopped working. So, that didn't really work out as we'd hoped. Saturday night was much like Friday night: Movie night! We gave "Lord of the Rings" another whirl since I fell asleep last time. But this time, both of us fell asleep! Third time's a charm, yea?

Movie theater door handles. It's a film reel; get it?

Andy was not excited I made him take this picture in the theater.

I, on the other hand, was super pumped to hold hands with Emmet the Lego character (he loves holding hands).

Ella trying to figure out what the heck that mouse is doing in her house.

Ella's humans teasing her with the mouse could be why she kept trying to eat her new toy.

His & Hers beers. Andy picked us up a growler from Station 26 while I did an evening yoga class.

Remember all that snow we got on Saturday? Yea, the Sunday sun took care of melting that all away by mid-afternoon. Have I mentioned how awesome Denver can be? And Denver was extra awesome Sunday since one of my best pals from college, Kara (K1), was in town from Minneapolis! A couple of us gals got together at a friend's place to have mimosas and catch-up with K1. I wish we could do it every weekend. My plan to get all my favorite people to move to Denver isn't really panning out in reality like it has in my head.

After biking home from my Kara time, there was still sunlight for Andy and me to play two games of giant Jenga in the backyard together (the wind lost one game, I lost the other). Following Jenga, we chatted with my folks on Skype for a couple hours. I love Skype dates with the four of us, though it's so easy to ramble on and on and on over Skype! Does anyone else have that problem, or is it just me? Or maybe it's the bottomless glass of beer I bring on my Skype dates...

A lazy Sunday, indeed.

Me & my dear friend, Kara.

Whoever wins Jenga gets to graffiti a Jenga piece. My friend Nick, an awesome artist, drew this when he was visiting from Madison last year.
Skyping with my folks! This picture kinda creeps me out with my reflection merging with my dad's picture.

This week is a busy one with a lot of work travel for me - I was in Wyoming today, out in the mountains for a day trip Wednesday, and up in Fort Collins Thursday. Yowzas! 

Cheers to Monday!


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