Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Photos [3.14.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

Bulletin board at a high school I visited Monday. I was so excited see two students I've been working with proudly displaying their choice to go to Johnson & Wales in Providence! 

Ella hated that box, apparently, as she tried to tear it apart Monday afternoon.

Andy's new mountain man shirt. Isn't it perfect for him?

Hanging out at a coffee shop in Fort Collins Tuesday morning. 

Don't these pastries at the coffee shop look lovely? Those heart-shaped breads are so sweet.

Cafe Bicyclette. Downtown Fort Collins.

Tasting some beers at New Belgium Tuesday afternoon. What to buy, what to buy...

Andy's Farkle roll at Olbio's Wednesday. Bonus points for you if correctly identify how many points this roll earned him (it was his first roll).

Cooking stuffed peppers for dinner Thursday night (thanks for the recipe, Ryan & Shanda!). Andy had to add more cheese to the dish after surveying what I'd done. Those Wisconsin people...always full of great ideas!

I didn't snap a photo, but I also spent some time on Skype with my friend, Emmy, back in Wisconsin! Her and her husband, Paul, just bought their tickets out here for May - I'm so excited to see them (in person).

Next week I'm heading to the mountains again for work, so get ready for some photos of lovely scenery.

And make sure to check out Andy's review from yesterday of the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. concert we went to last week! His review of the music and the show is spot-on, and as a bonus he added some awesome music videos for you all to enjoy.


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