Monday, March 3, 2014

Movies, Reading, Movies, Reading

Friday night Andy planned a night of popcorn (and fries!!) and "Lord of the Rings" for me. It's one of his favorite movies and has been asking, asking, asking for me to watch it for years. I've said I want to read the books first, but since it's been years and I haven't picked up the books other than to dust under them, I agreed that today could be our day. Unfortunately, after an exhausting day at work presenting for five hours in northern Colorado, and time back in the office that lasted well past 5:00, I was a bit sleepy and crashed soon after the fries and popcorn were gone! For those of your LOTR fans, Andy said I didn't even stay awake to the part where they make it to the inn. I guess that's pretty early into the first movie? Oopsies.

Our treats.

Teasing Ella with the popcorn. She loves it when we throw popcorn for her to try and catch!

The nice thing about falling asleep early is that you wake early the next morning and can get a start on the day. Andy and I woke and enjoyed a quiet Saturday morning in the living room with me reading and him playing his video game. So peaceful :o) I made a mid-morning frittata for us to enjoy during a game of cribbage. My peaceful morning became not so much so when right around breakfast time I was hit with an allergy attack! Argh! My attacks knock me out physically and mentally :o( I thought leaving the house would help, but I was stuck with it all day. We went up to Boulder for a few hours to meet our friends, Jenny & Mike, for the Celestial Seasonings tour. Their factory tour is great! And I love their tasting room where you can try any of their teas that you want. Fun and delicious.

Pesto (I make a huge batch and then freeze it in ice cube trays), tomato, garlic, and onion frittata in the works.

I won.

Sunday was another early morning spent with reading and video games. Late morning we went to the local film center to see the movie "Inside Llewyn Davis", the newest Coen Brothers' movie about a folk singer in Greenwich in the 60's. Have you heard of it? Andy and I have just loved the soundtrack since it came out last year, and were both so excited that the movie finally made it to the film center! Finally! 

After the movie Andy and I had more, you guessed it, reading and video games! Later in the evening Andy headed over to a new brewery near our house to try out their beers while I stayed home to relax and catch-up on the phone with my folks - I hadn't talked with them in so long!

Check out the concessions stand: vegan cookie, hummus, PBR. Interesting...

I thought I looked all artsy at the film center with my glasses and scarf.

Here's a link to the movie soundtrack. It includes Marcus Mumford, Chris Thile, Punch Brothers, Justin Timberlake (yea, you read that right), Bob Dylan, and others. It's produced by T Bone Burrnett as well as Marcus Mumford. What do you think of it?

I hope you had a great weekend! Are you all ready for Monday??



Anonymous said...

sah-weet... for the album link! thanks! listening right now :)


Anonymous said...

What video game(s) is Andy playing?


Andy Pekoll said...

Randy, I am playing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. So much better than the last one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy! Nice! I am sooooo out of the loop as far as console games go. I've never played any of the Assasin's Creed games. I've been thinking about playing again tho; probably a first-person shooter.