Monday, March 17, 2014

First Hike of the Year! And other Warm Weekend Stories from Denver.

It was beautiful in Denver much of this weekend! So beautiful that Andy and I were both wishing we had worn shorts on our Sunday hike! But more about the hike later.

Friday was sunny and an excellent welcome to the weekend. Around 4:00 we got a head start on the weekend, packed up, and hopped on our bikes to check out a new brewery in our neighborhood. Andy went a few weekends ago and was excited to show me the place. Station 26 Brewery is a former firehouse that's been converted and they kept many of the firehouse details. And the beer is quite delicious! Good vibe and good beers? Yea, I'm sold.

Lovely sunflowers I picked-up at the market Friday afternoon to brighten-up our place.

They had six of their beers on tap at Station 26, so I tried a flight of them all.

Fire hose faucet as a coat/purse hanger under the bar. Nice, right Mom?? And on the right, the old fire pole.

Andy and I played some Farkle at the bar.

Our late evening bike ride home. Check out that moon!

Andy and Ella high-fiving back at home. Best buddies.

Saturday there was an event on campus for prospective students that I wanted to check out since I encourage the high schoolers I meet with to go to help in their college decision. It was a fun half-day event where participants take a tour of campus, the culinary and baking & pastry arts students spend time in the labs making two small dishes with the chef instructors (check-out the cupcakes below!), and there's a resource fair where faculty and staff from all areas of campus like financial aid, res life, athletics, etc. are available to talk one-on-one with families. Even though I'm not a prospective student, I felt energized about the university and the programs! 

Andy and I were both feeling a bit lethargic when I got home. I spent much of the afternoon reading a new book I just picked-up at the library ("The Interestings" - have you heard of it?) before turning on "Friends" DVDs and relaxing in front of the TV.

Some of the decorated cupcakes from the preview day on campus.

Sugar flowers! Aren't they beautiful? Our baking & pastry arts students made them.

Andy helping me put together university info packets for me to bring to high schools next week.

Sunday - beautiful Sunday! We started the morning as we do most weekend mornings with one of us cooking breakfast. I made my usual frittata and hash browns (potatoes! yum!) though the frittata aesthetically did not turn out so well (see below). Afterwards we geared up for our first hike of the year - hooray!! It was sunny, warm, with a slight breeze. We headed to Eldorado Springs, just outside of Boulder. I love that hiking area because the main trail is a loop, as opposed to a hike in and then back out the same route, but there are other trails that meet the main trail so you can extend your hike if you're feeling ambitious.

My frittata fail :o( Still tasty, though! Tomatoes, zucchini, artichokes, Italian seasonings, garlic, Parmesan.

Does this view ever get old, you ask? Nah ;o)

Not the best picture of Andy and I, but in the background you can see my former work study student from Regis. So fun to see her!

There were huge ruts in the trails in some places. I think it was because of the terrible flooding that hit this area back in early fall.

Sunday night I went to a play with my friends, Christine and Lindsay. We saw a local production of "12 Angry Men" (have you seen the 1950's movie?) and it was fantastic! That doesn't even begin to describe how great the play was. It was held in the side room of a rug gallery (yea, you read that right) in Denver which was an interesting scene to begin with - I had to triple-check the tickets to make sure I got it right! The actors in the play did a phenomenal job of delivering the emotion of the characters and the interactions. I felt myself getting angry at a few of the characters as they shared their options/views! I want to go back and see it again.

Christine and Lindsay at the show.You can see one of the rugs hanging on the wall behind them.

The set was simple and perfect. This was during intermission, but during the play the 12 characters were all around the table discussing the case they were the jurors for.   

How was your weekend? I hope it was as energizing as mine!


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