Monday, March 10, 2014

A Sunny Denver Weekend

Friday night was pretty low-key. I had tentative plans with a friend but was feeling a bit lethargic with the gloomy weather and the end of a work week, so I decided to have a night in with Andy. One of my best gal pals from high school, Michelle, called Friday night so we chatted for a bit and then Andy and I decided to make it a whiskey and frozen pizza night. We settled down in front of the TV and agreed upon (you guessed it!) "Hunger Games" for the THIRD time this year! 

A whiskey old fashioned is not a simple drink to make.

Me & my beverage.

Saturday was an early(ish) morning since I fell asleep around 10:30 Friday night. I do love my quiet Saturday mornings! Andy made me breakfast while I caught-up on email with some of my dear friends (hi Becky! Alli! Randy!). We really did nothing during the day since we had tickets to one of our favorite bands Saturday night - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (!!!!). We met our friends, Heather and Noah, for drinks before the show. And the show, well it was awesome! Andy is going to write more about it later this week, so I won't steal his thunder.

I told Andy to show that he was cooking me breakfast, and he refused to move from this position saying "I'm cooking it with magic."

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted potato chips for a Saturday afternoon snack, but knew that apples with almond butter and granola was a better option. I ate potato chips about two hours later.

Andy and my beers at the tavern across the street from the venue Saturday night.

I bought Andy a journal called "In my Humble Opinion" where you complain about humans and we wrote in it at the tavern prior to the show.

That globe in the middle had videos timed to the music projected on it for some songs. It was so fun to see the scenes they prepared for their music!

Sunday started out as a quiet day. I finished my book as Andy played his video game. I headed across town for an early afternoon yoga class and JUST MISSED it! They close and lock the doors right as class starts, and I met closed doors. I called my friend, Josh, who lives in the neighborhood, to grab a wanted a patio beer (it was in the 70's here). After a couple beers with Josh I headed home and Andy and I decided to spend time together outside playing Farkle on our front stoop. Our new neighbor walked over to say hi - I guess the beers, games, and dog outside attract company! - and we ended up spending the afternoon/early evening with her, her elementary age son, and their dog chatting, drinking beers (not the kid), and playing giant Jenga - so fun!

I painted my nails. I couldn't stop staring at them as I was reading Sunday morning.

My buddy, Josh, at Local 46 Sunday afternoon.

We did not end up making falafel, but - hey! we had a great weekend :o)


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