Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Photos [3.21.14]

Here are some photos from Andy & my week:

On the road in western Colorado...

Seen in Kremmling, CO: PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR FEED ME (may come alive and eat you) - Igor the Russian Bear. I did not test his threats.

Sitting down at the cafe for dinner Monday in Meeker, CO.

Quite the view from Meeker High School, isn't it?

At the hot springs in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Hot springs.

The mountains were pretty great, but nothing can beat this view :o)

Wonderful local musician, Ian Cooke, performing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Thursday night.

This cutie pie seal statue was my buddy at the museum.

My former co-worker from the coffee shop in Madison, Quinn, came to Denver Thursday night!

I don't have any plans yet for this weekend, which is nice given the busy week with traveling for work and having Quinn and her friends come to town on a whim and crash with us Thursday night (we stayed up past 2:00am!). Though I'm not complaining; it was a great week!

Enjoy your weekend, and all the sun and warmth coming with the welcome of spring this week :o)



Anonymous said...

that's awesome they have a segway tour there! that looks like a lot of fun! i want to go on one!

speaking of minneapolis musicians... i was listening to my ipod on shuffle yesterday and i heard slack water by rogue valley for the first time.

"wait a second... i know that voice."

i had no idea that chris koza was in rogue valley. the rogue valley albums i have are from andy a couple of years ago. :)


Breanna Hanson said...

Maybe on your next visit we can get on a Segway tour, Randy. You know Andy would volunteer to go with!

Yea, the Chris Koza band turned into Rogue Valley; same band, new name. Andy gave you some good music :o)