Monday, March 31, 2014

A Weekend of Standing

Andy and I did a lot of standing this weekend. I'm sitting at the dining room table as I type this and my legs and feet are buzzing with all the energy! With two concerts, biking (not quite standing, I know), and a 2+ hour Segway tour, lots of time on our feet! But you certainly don't hear me complaining. You all know how I love me an active jam-packed weekend!

Friday night we met our friend, Christine, at Lost Lake music venue to see a phenomenal Minneapolis musician, Jeremy Messersmith. Have you heard of him, Midwest friends? If not, you must give him a listen. I love his smooth vocals and playful lyrics on his albums, and live he is so energetic and versatile on stage. Denver was the last stop on their tour, and though the band was telling us how completely tired they were, there's no way you would have ever known that watching them perform!

Friday afternoon walk with Ella.

My apologies for the terrible quality band photos; the band would not stand still!

Afterwards we just barely made it to the liquor store before closing and were treated to our own beer tasting. We're total VIPs there.


Saturday was a picturesque spring day in Denver! Andy and I had a few errands to run around town and decided that errands via bike was the way to go. The main stop was our local record store, Twist & Shout so I could pick-up the tickets I WON for the Astronautalis (hip hop) concert that night. I have won so many things from T&S - concert tickets, vinyl, CDs, music packages. I feel so special every time I get the call!

Saturday morning beverages while I catch-up on my dear friend, Becky's, blog.

I won! I won!

That night we took our two free tickets to the Marquis theater in downtown Denver to see one of Andy and my favorite hip hop artists, Astronautalis perform to an excited and packed venue. Now, I'm not much of a hip hop fan in general, but when my roommate in Madison played Astronautalis's music years ago as pump-up music as we were getting ready for a night out, I was hooked. And he never disappoints with his enthusiasm and flawless performance on stage! Some kid in the audience said Saturday night was the first concert he'd attended ever and I thought to myself "Aw man, that kid is never going to top this!"

Sunday, aka Andy's best day ever. So Andy loves Segways. Andy loves Segways almost as much as I love potatoes (which is a lot a lot). Sunday I treated him to a two hour guided Segway tour downtown Denver, and it was everything Andy hoped it would be and more! The tour guide brought us past all the main tourist areas in Denver and then some. We did a Segway tour in Minneapolis with my family a few years ago (Andy's best day ever prior to Sunday) and both agree it's such a neat, though a tad dorky yes, way to see a city.

Following our Segway tour we had some friends over to our house for beer tastings and games. We tried some excellent beers both with both new ones we'd never had before and old favorites that we hadn't had in a while. Our friend, Jan, has an 11 year old son, so instead of the usual Cards against Humanity we played giant Jenga and Sorry. The Sorry game got a bit heated with a bunch of trash talk at the table, and we had to suspend the game until next time!

All that activity over the weekend has left me exhausted for my Monday! Though I wouldn't trade any of my weekend away. I hope you had a fun weekend, too!


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